Fractal Thea : Sculpture Range

In these creations, modernism meets romanticism and a story of longing and sexuality comes to the fore. The featureless face transcends cultural borders and can be the object of any man’s dreams and desires…

The fundamental components of the wood and steel are designed specifically to amplify the female, erotic form. By reducing sculpture to its basic elements through the use of light, simple lines, industrial materials and textures, the artist replaces the metaphor with literal truth of the female form. The openings and fragments of the sculpture modulate the form to create shadows and definition of shape. The shadows create an element of mystery and leave the facial features of the subject up to the observer’s imagination evoking a sense of romance and lustful wonder.
The punctuated components of the sculpture mask the true appearance of the sculpture and only once the observer’s eyes have wandered the immediate space, does the true form take shape. As one moves around the sculptures, the dancing
shadows draw the eye to every inch of the subject, creating elegance and a sense of movement.
The artist is fascinated by the female form and draws his inspiration from architectural details and furniture manufacturing. He is also inspired by an artist’s ability to blend a unique combination of reductive and highly distilled geometric forms.
The marrying of the three components of wood, metal and glass in these works of artistic construction by using new and evolving technology allows the artist and the observer to see something new in each piece.