Location: Sandton, Johannesburg, Gauteng
Description: Cocoon is an intimate bar in the heart of corporate Johannesburg. The first thing one notices is the all-encompassing wooden filigree, creating the cocoon-like shape of the space and blurring the lines between floor and wall, wall and ceiling. While one feels embraced by the shell of this cocoon, openings in the walls and ceiling and a mirrored back wall, prevent the space from venturing into claustrophobic territory. There is an elegant contrast in finishes between the polished black and the organic timber, animated by the strategic lighting. The lighting serves to enhance the ambiance of the space, which provides for varied personal interaction; there are seated booths, standing counters and a glimmering bar that draws in its guests. The space is seductive, enfolding its guests and separating them from the outside world to ultimately create an alluring and intimate social experience.